Turn, Turn, Turn

I’ve heard it said that there’s a calm before the storm.
And, also, that it’s always darkest before the dawn.
The only thing constant is change.

There was a time when acceptance of change was seen as a business attribute:
we were rated as ‘Change Champions’.
(In fact, I believe I have a very nice cut crystal paperweight with just that on it.
Along with my name.
Awarded by a company that exists only in memories.)

Struggle against change or relax and go along with it.
What we do doesn’t stop change one bit.
Doesn’t alter the flow.
Doesn’t turn the tide.
(Doesn’t have any effect whatsoever no matter how many ways you compare it to water.)
What is constant today de-solidifies and trickles away.

It happened just today.
I blinked and the world October-ed.
Theoretically I knew it was going to happen.
We have been getting more and more pumpkin-spiced for quite a while.
In Ann Arbor I’ve even seen a few sox make their way between the Birkenstocks and the feet.
(College boys, though? They will wear shorts all winter.)
But today we Octobered with a vengeance and a thunderstorm.
leaves fell along the road.
Bright oranges and reds at the tips of the trees.
The groceries are all apples and corn cobs.
Mini pumpkins and gourds roll down from displays to ghost your toes.

~And Summer is sneaking away,
wrapping her shawl across her shoulders.
Bowing gracefully into the ever-earlier evenings.

I’m not ready.
I haven’t even ironed some of my sun-dresses yet!
I meant to get a pedicure and wear strappy high heels at least ONCE!
I didn’t swim this year.
Haven’t made those cute Pinterest beach totes.
Where ARE my sweaters?

It’s change.
Or rather, Change with a capital ‘C’.
A reminder that things are,
time is,
I am,
Ready or not: here it comes.

(This post is part of  Write 31 Days, a challenge to write every day in October.)





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